What to Look For When Choosing a Whitewater Rafting Company

Whitewater rafting is one of the most exhilarating experiences in the world. From the cool water splashing your face to the intense, heart-pumping plunge down the river, nothing compares to whitewater rafting. But before you head out on your excursion, you should always make sure that you’re working with a qualified and experienced rafting company…. Read more »

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26 White Water Rafting Terms and Sayings Few Will Know

Are you finding yourself daydreaming at work about all the fun you’re going to have white water rafting this coming summer?  So are we!  Here are some “insider” terms you won’t find in advertising or on websites that you can drop on your next rafting trip to really get your guide’s or fellow guest’s attention!… Read more »

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Packing Essentials for Camping and Overnight White Water Rafting

If you are looking to have the adventure of a lifetime, Colorado camping and white water rafting is the way to go. Expect an amazing experience full of scenery, mountains, whitewater, and excitement. And like any outdoor activity, being properly equipped and prepared is key to enjoying your experience. If an overnight rafting trip is… Read more »

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Tips for Having a Fun and Memorable White Water Rafting Adventure with Your Kids

Here in Colorado, we enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes the West has to offer. Both the Arkansas River and Clear Creek offer gorgeous sights, cool water, and wide open skies framed by canyons that are sure to be appreciated by even the most disinterested teenagers. If you have kids, regardless of their age,… Read more »

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5 Helpful Tips for Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

If you haven’t been whitewater rafting in Colorado, you are missing out on an amazing experience. Nothing can come close to the exhilarating rush you get while your guide and crew are paddling through the rapids, riding waves, and bumping over rocks. From beginner level families looking for unique vacation activities to experienced adrenaline junkies… Read more »

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What Water Levels Mean in the Context of Rafting

Whitewater rafting is both a sport and hobby that creates great thrills and spine chills in enthusiasts.  Every experienced rafter knows the degree of spine chills that he or she wants or can take while rafting at any water level.  What water levels mean in the context of rafting.  While some water levels are smooth and… Read more »

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What to Bring Whitewater Rafting

Wondering what to bring whitewater rafting? As in so many activities, the proper equipment can make or break a whitewater outing. The trick to successfully outfitting yourself for a raft trip is to balance the inherent space limitations of your mode of transport with the demands for safety and comfort out in the elements. Here… Read more »

Boy (8-10) with paddle, river rafting with family


Family Rafting

Your kids crave adventure, but you’re worried about safety. Whitewater rafting with kids can be and enjoyable and exciting adventure for the whole family with minimal risk. Family rafting trips are specifically designed for youngsters; these mild adventures quickly put worried parents’ minds at ease. For the perfect outdoor adventure, consider a Family Float Trip… Read more »

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Rafting Rapids Classifications

The American Whitewater Association assigns rapids classifications based on river difficulty levels as a guideline for whitewater rafting comparison. Weather conditions and changes in the environment can change the level of difficulty for a waterway during seasonal times of year. For best information, consult a local river guide as to the rapids classifications and difficulty… Read more »

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10 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips from Raft Masters

Whether on vacation or just getting out of the house to cool off, whitewater rafting is a fun and invigorating outdoor activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors no matter what your ability or experience level.  White water rafting is not just for the crazy hard core mountain people anymore.  This popular sport… Read more »