Female Raft Guide


Perspective from a Female Raft Guide

By Jessica Weigum After finishing up my third season as a Whitewater Raft Guide, I was back home decompressing and looking forward to ski season. About a week in, I went to a little get together hosted by some close friends of mine. The problem was I didn’t know anyone there besides the hosts, so… Read more »

friends after a raftmasters raft trip


A Day in the Life of a Raft Masters Guide

The day begins early.  Gotta be up and rolling by 6:30 or 7:00 am.  I shake the sand out of my hair from yesterday’s trip, brush my teeth, take a quick shower, and it’s out the door for breakfast, coffee, and on a good day an amazing take-out burrito from one of a couple nearby… Read more »

friends after a raftmasters raft trip


The Family Bond – A Guide’s Rafting Family

As someone who’s never been in combat, I won’t pretend to know the types of bonds that are created when experiencing such a situation. But I do know about the character and partnerships forged in the midst of intense and perilous trials. It makes me wonder… Do I have friends who have my back? Could… Read more »

Raftmasters Guide Training


A Guide’s View of Guide Training

A real story of a guide’s thoughts about the cost and experience of guide training.   “For the amount of time and training they put into you…its dirt cheap. They’ll even refund it to you after a short time as a paid guide for the company. And the experience of training itself is a once… Read more »

Life of a river guide


A Guide’s View – Being a Guide

A real story of a guide talking about being a raft guide Last weekend I found myself catching up with an old high school friend of mine whom I haven’t really talked to since we both graduated and headed off on our own paths, exploring this new realm known as the “Real World”.  We exchanged… Read more »

River Rafting Guide Preparing to Take to River


Being a River Raft Guide

If you can’t think of anything more thrilling than a life spent on the open … well, river … then becoming a raft guide might be for you. The water’s fast pace combined with the slower tempo of outdoor life is admittedly an appealing combination, especially in today’s work-driven, electronics-fueled world. After all, the freedom… Read more »