Family of 5 getting ready to raftRaft Masters specializes in groups! River rafting is a fun activity for all ages and we love to work with large or small groups. We have rafting trips that are appropriate for ages 1 to 100.

Group Rates apply to groups of 20 or more. In order to qualify for full group discounts, we need you to assist us by representing your entire group as a whole and collecting all payments, rather than us making transactions individually with members of your group.

When planning your trip, you should consider the needs of your group. Trips should be chosen based on the level of difficulty, the ages of the participants (particularly children) and their physical condition, the length of trip, and the type of raft (paddle, paddle-assist, or oar) you prefer. If your group has a wide range of interests, it is possible to divide into smaller groups and run two or more trips at the same time. Once you have decided, we will prepare a quote detailing the specifics of your tip. You can call our office at any time and one of our friendly group coordinators will guide you through this process. You can reach us at 719-275-6645.

Two rafts full of people starting into rapids on Clear Creek