Raft Masters has been in business under the same ownership since 1989. Few rafting companies can boast of that length of continuous dedication and service. At Raft Masters, we strive to be “The BEST rafting company in Colorado” by offering quality, professional rafting experiences. Our prices are competitive and reflect the quality and experience you and your family expect, with “No hidden or last minute add-on charges.”

The Arkansas River is America’s Number One whitewater river, and Raft Masters’ Number One priority is providing you with the finest raft trip possible. Our attention to your comfort, safety, and enjoyment is reflected in our guides and equipment–the best.

We Provide All Your Gear

Raft Masters’ FREE wetsuit, river boot and paddle jacket use allows you to “Experience the Thrill without the Chill.” You will enjoy your trip in greater comfort and safety. Washed and rinsed after every use, we have all adult and child sizes. For your safety we require helmets and provide them on all trips.

Raft Masters provides:

  • FREE wetsuit use
  • FREE river boot use
  • FREE paddle jacket use
  • Fun, professional guides
  • Extensive pre-trip safety orientation
  • No extra charge on weekends
  • Two-way radio communication
  • Short shuttles
  • Member CROA, AROA, AO
  • Handicapped accessible

Our Facilities

Raft Masters has changing rooms, clean restrooms with flush toilets, photos, t-shirts and souvenirs.

What you need to bring:

  • A swimsuit or shorts
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes for after the trip
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

What About The Kids?

Your children’s safety is always our first priority. We have helmets, wetsuits, and boots in all child sizes. Depending on water levels and river conditions, Royal Gorge raft trips may not be appropriate or available for minors — please inquire.