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What to Bring Whitewater Rafting

Wondering what to bring whitewater rafting? As in so many activities, the proper equipment can make or break a whitewater outing. The trick to successfully outfitting yourself for a raft trip is to balance the inherent space limitations of your mode of transport with the demands for safety and comfort out in the elements. Here… Read more »

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Family Rafting

Your kids crave adventure, but you’re worried about safety. Whitewater rafting with kids can be and enjoyable and exciting adventure for the whole family with minimal risk. Family rafting trips are specifically designed for youngsters; these mild adventures quickly put worried parents’ minds at ease. For the perfect outdoor adventure, consider a Family Float Trip… Read more »

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Rafting Rapids Classifications

The American Whitewater Association assigns rapids classifications based on river difficulty levels as a guideline for whitewater rafting comparison. Weather conditions and changes in the environment can change the level of difficulty for a waterway during seasonal times of year. For best information, consult a local river guide as to the rapids classifications and difficulty… Read more »

River Rafting Guide Preparing to Take to River

Being a River Raft Guide

If you can’t think of anything more thrilling than a life spent on the open … well, river … then becoming a raft guide might be for you. The water’s fast pace combined with the slower tempo of outdoor life is admittedly an appealing combination, especially in today’s work-driven, electronics-fueled world. After all, the freedom… Read more »

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10 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips from Raft Masters

Whether on vacation or just getting out of the house to cool off, whitewater rafting is a fun and invigorating outdoor activity and a great way to enjoy the outdoors no matter what your ability or experience level.  White water rafting is not just for the crazy hard core mountain people anymore.  This popular sport… Read more »

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Best Time to go Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

Rafting in Colorado is unlike rafting anywhere else in the world. The abundance of rushing water is thanks to the fact that the Continental Divide caused rivers to flow through Colorado in all directions, providing unique whitewater rafting experiences and majestic natural landscapes. If you have ever considered rafting in Colorado, there is no time… Read more »

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Royal Gorge Bridge and Park re-opens March 15, 2015

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park will be opening on weekends starting March 15, 2015 ROYAL GORGE BRIDGE AND PARK Guided Bus Tours Begin March 15th You’ll never see the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park like this again, so bring your camera. Witness History in the Making – the re-construction of the Royal Gorge Park in Canon City! Beginning March 15,… Read more »

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Raft Masters begins whitewater rafting season in March!

Whitewater Rafting Season Begins! Raft Masters is gearing up for a big season by opening up early. We can take you rafting today! You can book rafting trips with Raft Masters seven days a week starting March 15th. Traditionally, we are the first to open and the last to close…and have been for years! Loveland or A-Basin… Read more »

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Arkansas River Whitewater Kayak Park

WKRP in Canon City – Free Whitewater Kayak Park! The whitewater kayak park in Canon City has been hosting the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival since 2010 when it first opened. The park was created by manipulating the bottom of the Arkansas river to form a wave. Each of the features in the whitewater park are… Read more »

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Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival – Raft Rodeo Winners!

Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival Raft Masters rafting teams take home winnings! This isn’t our first rodeo! Last Saturday, June 22nd Raft Masters’ rafting teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 2013 Raft Rodeo at Centennial Park during the Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival.  All three rafting teams are employed by Raft Masters. Teams “Up In Ya”… Read more »