Colorado’s Safest Raft Trip? Raft Masters’ Family Float!

That’s a pretty bold claim!

Colorado received epic amounts of snow leading up to the 2019 rafting season, which is resulting in an epic rafting season that occurs once a decade or so.  Snow amounts were the highest in the past 30 years.  For true white water aficionados this is an opportunity to experience genuine heart-pounding rafting experiences.

But it’s not for everyone!  Fortunately, the Arkansas River’s unique topography has something for everyone, and Raft Masters is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that variety.

Raft Masters has been offering quality raft trips in Colorado for over 30 years so it’s fair to say that we know a bit about the rafting scene in Colorado.  As the Arkansas River in Colorado collects water from the multitude of creeks, streams and rivers in the Arkansas River basin it comes barreling out of the mountains to create arguably the best whitewater rafting in the United States.  After all, the Arkansas is the most rafted river in the country.

However, after finally passing through the world famous rapids of the Royal Gorge, the river reaches the plains of eastern Colorado at Canon City, also the home of Raft Masters.  No longer a steep, raging river the Arkansas River takes on a new character.  Widening and slowing down, it begins its long run to the Mississippi River.

This is where Raft Masters offers its Family Float raft trip.  Below Canon City the river features sweeping bends and long reaches running along dramatic cliffs and wooded riverbanks.  Gentle waves replace the rapids and white water found in the upper reaches of the Arkansas.  The Family Float raft trip is a scenic, leisurely paced trip chosen specifically to provide a river rafting experience without the challenges of whitewater.

In all fairness I need to address the question “is it safe?”  No qualified outfitter should ever make the claim that rafting is 100% safe!  The Arkansas River is a real river, not an amusement park ride.  However, given our decades of experience we can comfortably state that our Family Float is the safest rafting experience available in Colorado.

We take safety very seriously.  It is our number one concern when helping our guests choose the right raft trip for their family, kids, and friends.  We were the first rafting outfitter in Colorado to require, and provide at no additional cost, helmets on all of our trips, and to provide optional use of our wetsuits, river shoes and splash jackets for free.  “Enjoy the thrill without the Chill!”

If you’d like more information on this unique rafting experience, please give us a call.  We love talking to our guests and taking the time to assure you’ve chosen the correct rafting experience.  Our friendly staff can be reached at 719-275-6645.