If you are looking to experience the beautiful landscapes that Colorado has to offer from different perspectives, this trip is for you. See things from a bird’s eye view as you climb to some of Colorado’s highest peaks in a Jeep and then look at things from far below in the canyons of the Arkansas River.

The Run Down

Start your day off right with a morning Jeep tour through scenic Southern Colorado. All Guests will have an 8 AM check in time at the Colorado Jeep Tours office, located at 50905 W US Hwy 50.  This trip offers Colorado Jeep Tours’ Royal Gorge Loop, where you will literally be on the edge of one of Colorado’s most picturesque attractions. After the jeep tour, guests will drive to the Raft Masters office, about 10 minutes from Colorado Jeep Tours.  Upon arrival, a hot dog and hamburger lunch at the Raft Masters’ Eddy Out Cafe will be available until noon. After lunch, guests will then gear up to go rafting. This trip may be combined with the half day Royal Gorge rafting trip or the half day Bighorn Sheep Canyon rafting trip.

The Details

This trip is available 7 days/week, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Jeep Tour Details
On the Royal Gorge Jeep Tour, guests will experience a breathtaking tour that literally puts you on the edge of one of Colorado’s most picturesque attractions, the Royal Gorge Bridge.

Rafting Options
Choose between the Bighorn Sheep Canyon for ages 5 and up (minimum of 50 pounds) with class II – III rapids or the Royal Gorge for ages 13 and up with class III – V rapids.

Check In
Check in for the jeep tour is at 8 AM at 50905 W US Hwy 50. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of your check-in time will result in the cancellation of your trip.  Guests will then drive to the Raft Masters office for lunch and check in for rafting by 12:45 PM.

Lunch Accommodations
A BBQ lunch of hot dogs and/or hamburgers is included; served fresh from Raft Masters’ Eddy Out Cafe between 11am and 12:30pm

Age Requirements
This trip is available for ages 5 and up (minimum of 50 pounds). Please call our office if you have questions about this requirement.

What Does Raft Masters Provide?
Raft Masters offers complimentary use of wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes. Helmets and life jackets are also required and provided.

What to Bring
Please bring sunglasses, a sunglasses retainer (i.e. Chums), sunscreen, lip balm, towel, and a dry change of clothes for after your trip. These are all available to purchase in our gift shop.

How Many Guests Per Boat?
We typically fit 6-8 people per boat depending on water levels and trip selection.

Special Accommodations
At Raft Masters, we will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of each guest. Please call our office at (719) 275-6645 if you have any questions or concerns.