Young boy making his way across the rope walk Raft Masters Colorado

Why Choose the Aerial Tour & Raft PACKAGE?

If you are looking for an opportunity to test your athletic ability, this trip is for you! Start your day with rafting, then head up to Captain Zipline for an experience like no other on their Aerial Park! You'll be climbing, swinging, and crawling through multiple courses on your two hour adventure.

The Run Down

Start off your day with rafting our Royal Gorge or Bighorn Sheep Canyon half day trip. Then, take to the air on Captain Zipline's Canyon Aerial Course, the largest of its kind in Colorado. Challenge yourself on 9 courses and 120 elements. Test your mettle as you cross catwalks, swinging bridges, cargo nets, tight wires, ropes and cable swings. We also have a flying snowboard!

The Details

This trip is available 7 days a week during our regular season (May 19-September 3).

Rafting Options
Choose between the Bighorn Sheep Canyon with restrictions of age 5 and up (minimum of 50 pounds) with class II - III rapids or the Royal Gorge for ages 14 and up with class III - V rapids.

Trip Length
The Aerial Tour and Raft lasts about 8 hours.

Check In
Check in for rafting is at 8:15 AM. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of your check-in time will result in the cancellation of your trip. Guests must arrive at Captain Zipline by 2:00 for your check-in time. Please note that Captain Zipline is located 1 hour west of our Raft Masters office.

Lunch Accommodations
An all-you-can eat buffet style lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh fruits and vegetables, chips, and drinks is provided for our guests on this tour at our very own Eddie Out Café.

Age Requirements
This package is available for ages 8 and up. Please call our office if you have questions about this requirement.

What Does Raft Masters Provide?
Raft Masters offers complimentary use of wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes. Helmets and life jackets are also required and provided.

What to Bring
Please bring sunglasses, a sunglasses retainer (i.e. Chums), sunscreen, lip balm, towel, and a dry change of clothes for after your trip. These are all available to purchase in our gift shop.

How Many Guests Per Boat?
We typically fit 6-8 people per boat depending on water levels and trip selection.

Special Accommodations
At Raft Masters, we will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of each guest. Please call our office at (719) 275-6645 if you have any questions or concerns.