campfire at dusk next to river

Why Choose the 2-Day TRIP?

If you are longing to “get away from it all” and need some quiet time with friends and family, this trip is for you. Leave your electronics behind and listen for the sounds of the Arkansas River amongst the rustling trees. This trip is sure to rejuvenate your mind and spirit while connecting with those around you.

The Run Down

Before leaving for your trip, you will be given dry bags for your gear and your guides will meet with you to discuss the storage of items that you wish to bring with you. Lunch will be provided on the beach before you start heading down the Arkansas River. You’ll enjoy the wide-open space of upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon as you watch for bighorn sheep and other wildlife in the area.

At the end of your first day, your guides will prepare dinner and set up your campsite. You and your group can sit by the fire and share stories from the day. As you wake up to the sun peeking through the trees, you’ll agree that nothing beats the smell of coffee and bacon after a night next to the river! After breakfast, you’ll pack your gear and get back on the water for more than 10 miles of beautiful scenery and splashy fun as you enter the Class II and Class III rapids like Five Points, Spike Buck, and Cowgirl Up. At Parkdale Beach you will either end your trip and load back onto the bus or, if you chose the Royal Gorge add-on, you will grab another bite to eat before hitting the big stuff.

If you choose to do the Royal Gorge add on, you’ll head back in the boat and start down the river once again. You will enjoy a short float where you can brush up on your paddle strokes, then the river narrows to only 25 feet wide and disappears into the 1100-foot gorge. You and your crew will navigate this adventurous trip famous for its steep drops, huge waves, and Class III to Class V rapids like Sunshine Falls, Sledge Hammer, and Boat Eater. Upon exiting the canyon, the water calms and you’ll find yourself arriving in Cañon City and heading back on a very short bus ride to Raft Masters.

You’ll have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs for your friends and family and view the action-packed photos taken of you and your group on the biggest rapid of your trip. Minimum of 5 to reserve.

The Details

This trip is available on Wednesdays or Saturdays during our regular season (May 27 – Sept 5).

Check In
Check in is at 9:00 AM. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of your check-in time will result in the cancellation of your trip.

Meal Accommodations
A riverside lunch is provided for each guest on the first day of your trip as well as a tasty dinner prepared by your guides that evening. Breakfast is provided on the last day of your trip, unless you choose to add on the Royal Gorge section of the Arkansas River. In this case, a riverside lunch will also be provided before you hit the big stuff under the famous Royal Gorge Bridge.

Age Requirements
This trip is available for ages 5 and up (minimum of 50 pounds). Please call our office if you have questions about this requirement.

What Does Raft Masters Provide?
Raft Masters offers complimentary use of wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes. Helmets and life jackets are also required and provided. Raft Masters will also provide all of your camping and storage gear. 

What to Bring
Raft Masters offers complimentary use of wetsuits, splash jackets, and river shoes. Helmets and life jackets are also required and provided.

How Many Guests Per Boat?
We typically fit 6-8 people per boat depending on water levels and trip selection.

Special Accommodations
At Raft Masters, we will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of each guest. Please call our office at (719) 275-6645 if you have any questions or concerns.